ISL 10 Stone Tower

ISL 10 Stone Tower

Work: Helping with the archaeological research and revitalizing the old ruins of the Kamenica Castle from first half of 13th Century – cleaning the place from vegetation, storing and sorting of stones, masonry work and helping with other interesting researches. The volunteers will help also in the workcamp kitchen. They will be preparing and be a part of the Castle Historical Festival on 13th of August.

Accommodation and food: The Kamenica Castle is situated on the west slopes of Cerhov Mountains. However, it is 1 km far from civilization so there is no electricity, no water supply and no public transport. Lodging will be provided in the attic of a wooden cottage on airbeds on a wooded floor – warm sleeping bag and mat are needed. Field kitchen, dry toilet, solar showers and drinking water will be provided. Meals will be prepared by the volunteers themselves. On demand, vegetarian meals can be provided.

Location and leisure: The castle is located between Kamenica and Lucka-Potoky, villages near Presov (35 km far away) in the Eastern part of Slovakia. From Kamenica (1,5 km) or Lucka-Potoky (1 km) you can walk to the ruins of the Kamenica Castle – the place of the workcamp. The volunteers will have several possibilities for hiking, visiting other castles in the region (Stara Lubovna, Spis castle, Saris and Hanigovce castle) and also join the sport activities with the local people.

Project hosted by: The Association Kamenna Veza (Stone Tower) was founded in 2006. Its aim is the preservation, recovery and study of Kamenica castle’s culture, especially on a regional level. The association is trying to make the castle accessible to the wide public and also to the volunteers. The workcamps have been organized here since 2010.
Meeting point: Bus stop in Kamenica, around 5 pm.

Additional comments: Study Part: The workcamp will be visited by INEX Messenger who will organize a workshop focused on current issues in Europe. The volunteers will prepare the “Feast of cultures” – an international food festival for the local community, and will join the “volunteering footprint” workshop. Our camps will follow the rules of the Sustainability campaign. Attention: The camp is for history and nature lovers and for those who are not afraid to accept the challenge of living in difficult conditions for 10 days surrounded by beautiful nature! Several Slovak volunteers will be working with the volunteers during the workcamp. For more info about the project: Summary: Would you like to spend 10 days helping with the renovation of a castle and preparing a castle festival in the middle of the beautiful nature in Slovakia? “Get ready for the adventure, open your mind and improve yourself!”

Requirements: Bring a sleeping bag and a mat, working clothes and gloves, warm clothes, a raincoat, strong boots, a swimming suit, and a smile on your lips 🙂


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