Improvisational theatre is like an exciting game: we playfully experiment with partners, our creativity can soar and mistakes are welcomed.
Impro exercises are often perceived as fun games and energisers. Improvisational theatre is a more complex non-formal educational methodology than a series of joyful exercises. It teaches us a high level of cooperation and offers a wide range of opportunities for skills and personal development.

ImproWise is a training course for trainers, facilitators, youth workers, youth leaders, educators and teachers, who actively work with groups of young people, and intend to apply improvisational theatre and use improvisation techniques in a more conscious way.

The training consists of 5 full working days training improvisation techniques and experiencing impro scenes focusing on specific topics in each session, e.g. presence, connection, trust, spontaneity, flexibility, risk, mistakes, creativity, characters and storytelling. The sessions will be adapted to the needs of the group.

During the training course participants will explore:

  • the principles of improvisational theatre
  • inspiration and trust in the partner in scenes
  • active presence and high level of attention
  • positive attitude and acceptance
  • balancing between flexibility and decisiveness
  • spontaneity and thinking „inside the box”
  • developing characters
  • storytelling & improvisation

What can you get out of it?

  • taking risks and welcoming mistakes as crucial elements of one’s learning cycle
  • reducing anxiety and increasing your self-confidence
  • unlocking your creativity
  • developing soft skills e.g. active listening, problem solving
  • improvisation techniques, games and exercises in youth work and training for e.g. group dynamics, community building
  • how to apply improvisational theatre as a performing art with youth

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