I-prepare testing meeting

I-prepare testing meeting

Dear Future Volunteer!

Do you enjoy playing around with your smartphone or laptop?

Do you wonder whether e-learning is for you? Or do you know it for sure?

Are you able to give critical feedback?

Would you like to meet other future volunteers?

Do you wonder where Hollókő is? Or what is it?

Are you looking for some awesome programme for the 9-12 April, 2019?


Then this invitation is for you!!!


We would like to invite you to the i-Prepare testing meeting to be organised in Hollókő, Hungary between the 9th and 12th April, 2019.

What is the i-Prepare project?

We will realise this activity in the framework of the Erasmus+ KA2 project „i-Prepare” (2017-2-HU01-KA205-036198). The i-Prepare project aims to develop an on-line tool to help the pre-departure preparation of volunteers participating in long term voluntary service abroad (focusing especially on EVS/E+/ESC volunteering). Project partners are Egyesek Youth Association, Hungary, Cia Cekija, Czechia and Xena Association, Italy.

Our team has been working on the project since autumn 2017. The tool is nearly ready, but now we need to check if what we have created can really support the preparation of volunteers. Please help our work with your opinion and advice so that we can create a tool that is truly useful for future volunteers!

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