HR-VCZ 7.3 – United in art and sport

HR-VCZ 7.3 – United in art and sport

Work: Volunteers will create and manage art and sport workshops for children (7 to 13 years old). Workshops can be about learning how to dance (especially traditional dances from your country), painting, music, acrobatic skills, various diy and handcraft workshops. We would love various, interesting workshops that encourage children to be creative and enjoy international atmosphere; idea is that volunteers also represent their countries through workshops (either by choice of motives, representing their country`s folklore, teach songs/dance etc.). Volunteers will work max 6 hours a day with two days free for trip and party/leisure.

Accomodation and food: In tents, camp site is situated in a city centre park complex. Sleeping bags are needed. Toilet and shower are in a building situated in park complex (2 mins from tents). In case of bad weather volunteers will sleep in dormitory. Food will be prepared by volunteers organised in kitchen teams. They will have daily budget and buy food by themselves, according to needs of every member of a group.

Location and leisure: Križevci is nice little town situated 60 kilometers north-east from Zagreb. Please include (copy/paste) this to your letter of motivation so we are sure you have read the description: “Križevci are located 60 km north east from the city of Zagreb. The town is well connected with Zagreb and trains go almost every hour.

Project hosted by: Camp will enable children who spend their summer in town to participate in creative (art and sport) workshops, to learn about new cultures, develop their communication skills and to experience art and sport as a way to express themselves that is common to all cultures, doesn`t know about boundaries and gathers us in joy of creation.

Additional comments: Medical and police check should be sent after the confirmation of acceptance is received.

Requirements: Please write us a short and simple letter of motivation in which you will describe your previous experience in volunteering and working with children, as well as your hobbies, skills or education in the field of art, sport or anything else that you want to contribute with. We are looking for bright, creative and talented people who will create positive environment for children and volunteers