GSM03 Happy Together

GSM03 Happy Together

The volunteers will be renovating a playground in the center of the district. The playground is located in one of the most beautiful park of Yenisehir district along by the sea. Beside the renovation work, the volunteers will take part in the cultural gathering organized by the Municipality which will bring together Turkish and Syrian young people.

Accommodation & food

Guest house / Local restaurant

Location & leisure

Yenişehir is mostly devoted to residences along by the sea and with its beautiful parks of roses in the center of Mersin, which is a typical Mediterranean city with its beautiful nature, history, weather and local cuisine. Mersin is one of the most modern provinces with palm – lined avenues and a good base for visiting the nearby historical sites and beaches. It’s also the largest port of Turkey. One may find all the comforts of a big city and all the characteristics of a Mediterranean city. After the crisis, broke out in 2011, resulted in the world’s one of the biggest population movements and refugee issues on april 29th, 2011, and as a result of this forced migration movement, approximately 3 million people from Syria started to reside in Turkey as refugees. With the extension of the process started in April 2011, Syrians continue living in Turkey under positive or negative effects of in social, economic and political level. Mersin is one of the cities, which hosts Syrians refugee population and works on the social cohesion most by creating special cultural programs for Turkish and Syrians young people.

Project hosted by

The voluntary workcamp will be hosted by Yenisehir Municipality that we have been cooperating since 2004. Yenisehir, one of the four districts of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, is located in the heart of Mersin. It is famous for its International Music Festival and International Film Festival. For more information please visit


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