GREAT-STV06 Batu Loceng

GREAT-STV06 Batu Loceng

Work: There are two activities, physical work (farming, helping garbage management, and maintaining local library) and non-physical work (language class, organize an environment educational workshop, art and storytelling class)

Accomodation and food: Host family, self cooking, sleeping bag and mattress needed, shared toilet and bathroom

Location and leisure: Suntenjaya Village, Lembang, West Java, Indonesia

Project hosted by: Batu Loceng Sub-Village is part of Suntenjaya Village, Lembang Municipality, Bandung Regency. Most of the populations are living as coffee farmers, vegetables farmers, and dairy cow breeders. Batu Loceng village has beautiful natural scenery that became as a potential to become a tourism village. It has its own characteristic of nature, culture, traditional music and martial art. The aim of tourism village is to develop local potential such culture, local people, agriculture, environment, and local history. The participation of local people is the most important thing in developing the tourism village.

Meeting point: Dago Bus Station / Terminal at first day of workcamp at the latest 12.00 midday

Additional comments: Be ready with extreme changing weather and mosquitoes. Please bring your umbrella or rain coat in case of a high rainy day and mosquito lotion or mosquito net

Requirements: Volunteer has to bear their own personal needs such as medicine, leisure time, visa matters, and free day trip.


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