GREAT-STV03 Al-Ishlah Camp

GREAT-STV03 Al-Ishlah Camp

Work: in the morning – afternoon: cooperate with local workers building the school, including making concrete, moving bricks, cements, etc. in the evening: free time but volunteers are expected to spend the time with kids for playing, sport and any other relaxing activities together.

Accomodation and food: Hall of the school, sleeping bag and mattress needed, self cooking, less hygiene situation

Location and leisure: Semarang Sub-Urban Area, Central Java, Indonesia

Project hosted by: Al-Ishlah Foundation is an Islamic organization concerns on global education for all. It highlights one value that Islam brings peace for the universe. The foundation provides shelters, middle and high schools for students with low economic background coming from any places in Indonesia. At the moment, more than 300 students registered in the two schools and one shelter. The middle school of Al-Ishlah has been doing construction works since last year. This was a program to prove more space and better facilities for their students. All of the resources to build this school were obtained through public donation. This is due to the fact that the school does not require fees from the students. Some adult students who study in high school of Al-Ishlah and those who live in the shelter sometimes give their hands. Last holiday season, a group of students from other schools joined the construction work voluntarily to get things done. However, a lot more to be done. In this circumstance, GREAT and Al-Ishlah Foundation would like to call for volunteers who have strong will and voluntary spirit, healthy and strong body to come and give your hands and work together to build this school. Two international workcamps in a row are prepared to help out building this school

Meeting point: GREAT Volunteer House Semarang at Jl. Kedondong Dalam V No.14, Central Lamper 50248 Semarang , Central Java, Indonesia, at first day at the latest 12.00 midday

Additional comments: hard work, under the heat and humidity. Weather can be up to 35 degree Celsius with 70% humidity. Nice uphill view. Need high motivated volunteers who like manual works and like kids at the same time.

Requirements: Volunteer has to bear their own personal needs such as medicine, leisure time, visa matters, and free day trip.


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