GEN 23 – East-West Camp

GEN 23 –  East-West Camp

Dear candidate volunteer; below you will find the description a GENÇTUR work camp which is awarded as “The best rated work camp of the year 2017, among the members’ and partners’ programs of ALLIANCE of the European Voluntary Service Organisations”. This award will enable GENÇTUR to cover part of the travel cost of selected volunteers.

Work: Organizing, running and leading activitieswith the university students.

Accomodation and food: In Afacan Youth House ( :in 2-3 bedded rooms with toilet and shower. Sleeping bag and mats are not necessary. Food will be supplied at the campsite.

Location and leisure: Yeni Sakran is by the Aegean Sea, in west of Turkey. The next city is Izmir. Work camp site is safe and secure.

Project hosted by: GENCTUR organizes an informal and non-formal education camp for socially and economically disadvantaged youth for empowering them. We try to give the equal opportunities to low income youth to participate for learning by doing. 20-25 university students from different cities of Turkey will have a chance to experience inter cultural learning, understanding and respect via different activities run during this camp. Including 2 coordination leaders, the majority of the group will be Turkish. Except the leaders, the group members might not able to speak any foreign languages but highly motivated to communicate with the foreign volunteers.

We are looking for 5 volunteers / counsellors who are able to organize, run and lead activities with the participants in different areas like practicing English, sport, drama, music, chess, indoor-outdoor games, handicraft, dance, etc.

Meeting point: Afacan Youth House on the 1st of August Tuesday, by 12.00. Please arrange your travel to the camp site accordingly. Further arrival details will be mentioned on the Skype meeting and be written on the info sheet. Volunteers will leave the camp on the 15th of August after breakfast.

Additional comments: Best rated work camp at “Flagship Work Camps Awards” in ALLIANCE Technical Meeting held in Nizhny Novgorod – Russia in March 2017. Work camp site is safe and secure.

Requirements: Volunteers must be at least 21 years old with experience of the above-mentioned activities or group leading. Non formal education experience is preferred. As the level of English of the camp participants will be very low, the volunteers / counsellors should be talkative, encouraging, communicative, patient, talented and ready to teach. Applicants will be interviewed via Skype before being confirmed.

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