FAGAD05 Environmental education for children

FAGAD05  Environmental education for children

Work: Theme : World festival of the Earth and environmental education in respect of the children The objective of this work camp is to link the children, the generation of the future, with an education program oriented towards the environment on the one hand, and by way of the world festival of the Earth, make the population conscious of the dangers relatives to the degradation of the environment on the other hand. Work to be done :  Take charge of the children in several areas in the organization of a program of games, artisanal activities; sketches, support for school work and guided visits in respect of the protection of the environment.  Teach children the elementary notions of hygiene,  Organization of the festival,  Celebration and report on the festival.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will be housed in the FAGAD home. Each will have a bed with mattress. Beds often stacked. There is running water and electricity. Wifi is available if volunteers contribute to the purchase of credit (18 euros for the month). The food is always international. We have Togolese dishes, African and European dishes. Everyone is invited to participate in housework and meal preparation. Volunteers are often helped by the local population. Our meals are always appreciated by volunteers.

Location and leisure: Adéta Kpélé-Adéta is a town of some 15 000 inhabitants. It is the principal settlement of the Kpélé Préfecture and the headquarters of FAGAD are based there. It is situated on the cross roads Kpalimé – Atakpamé , Notsé – Danyi. There is a post office, and police commissariat and a medical – social center. The nearest hospital is the American Baptiste hospital, 4 kms from Adeta. Leisure  Touristic sites to visit ; the Dzanipé Falls with their beautiful waterfalls, the Kpioné Falls, the Plateau of Dyani ( visit to the Monastery of Dzogbegan and it’s circular chapel constructed of wood ), Mount Kloto ( whence it is possible to glimpse Lake Volta in Ghana on a clear day ), the village of Kuma Konda together with the château Viale, Mount Agou ( the summit is the highest point in Togo; 986 m ),  Possibility of discovering as well the north of Togo ( the large towns like Atakpamé, Sokodé, and Kara, the rock cutting of Alédjo ( the road passes through a cutting in an enormous rock ), the region of Tamberma, the Naimtougou Falls…) and the Nangbéto Dam with the lake where hippopotamuses live;.  Artistic activities: learn the techniques of batik, sculpture,  Cultural activities: percussion ( Djembé drums ) and dancing around the fire;  A day with a family: a day steeped in the daily life of an African family organized around the following themes: animism, putting the village chief on his throne, traditional marriage, a day in the fields.

Project hosted by: The local partner is the local branch of FAGAD, the village development committee, the club for children FAGAD. We work with the village for 25 years. This village is home to the National Office FAGAD

Meeting point: At the airport and at the exit if you come by plane. If not, contact us for directions before arriving

Additional comments: Kpélé Adéta is on the national road N ° 5 and it is at 150 km of lomé the capital of Togo. It is distant from the town of kpalimé of 28 km.

Requirements: Waitting motivated and flexible volunteers . NB: if you are not from organisation , member of CCIVS, you’ll pay 100 euros more.


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