ESDA-1017 Donkey Caravan

ESDA-1017 Donkey Caravan

Work: First the participants will prepare a street theatre with clear environmental message, adding their own creative performances (dance, music, joggling, singing,…). They will be sharing ideas and creating a really spectacular extravaganza in each village they visit along the way. The message the participants will be spreading will be one of environmentalism and creativity. After which, we shall head off on our caravan with our donkeys! We will stop at each village and perform our shows and workshops which we have prepared. The local people can then share their thoughts of environmentalism, donkeys and the workshops we are doing. We hope we will stay in each village we perform in, with tents, and meet lots of interesting people along the way, although the final agenda will not be known untill few days before the camp starts, as we depend on local Municipallities to support the performance or not. The video of past year’s Donkey Caravan can be seen here.

Accommodation and food: Accommodation provided in big tents (rooms for 4 to 10) to share within participants, in the farm itself, with toilet area, hot water, and sport-recreation areas, very close to the town itself. Boys and girls will sleep separately. You need to bring your own sleeping bag and a sheet but we will provide with matress. Food will be prepared for volunteers: breakfasts and strong dinner in farm, lunch in a form of picnic will be brought to the place of work. Volunteers are asked to help with preparation of their own breakfasts and they will be provided with fresh drinks. Lunch and dinner will be prepared for the volunteers. Conditions may improve and there is a chance to stay in barracks rather than in tents and get daily catering.

Location and leisure: Ibi, Alicante. Nevertheless as it is an itinerant workcamp we will visit several villages in Costa Blanca region.

Project hosted by: This project is done with De Amicitia’s funds and therefore we are the local partner. However the muncipalities where the project takes place, together with the Finca Daroca in Ibi should be considered as partners of the project as well. The Finca Daroca is starting a new project to offer an eco friendly educational experience for young people. As a new natural and agricultural reserve, it is a pilot and unique project in the whole province of Alicante. Finca will host our volunteers to prepare the Donkey Caravan project, before we start with the performances.

Additional comments: Motivation letter and skype interview needed! We are looking for volunteers that have GOOD artistic skills (dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, painting,…) or previous experience with dealing with animals (donkeys). We will make groups of performers, preparation team (decorations and logistic), team for making activities and workshops with local children after the performance and the team to deal directly with donkeys. Therefore, please indicate TRULY your experiences in your motivation letter and do not forget that behind this artistical performance, there is a strong environmental message.


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