EGY17-02 Volunteers for kids of Kazár

EGY17-02 Volunteers for kids of Kazár

Partner: Tizen5let Youth Association and Municipality of Kazár

The organization was created by 15 young people in 2008 because there were no organization which was dealing with problems of youngsters. For today we have 27 members who take part in the life of the organization as voluntary worker.

Next to our association there are some other non profit organistation in the village . E. G. Association for retired people of Kazár, Sport Association, Culural and traditional Association… etc. Every year our main program is the Beach Party, where famous Hungarian DJ makes music. True beach atmosphere with sand, pool, cocktails and palm trees.

We help to develop the village and keep the environment clean. We renovated fences and we organized action to clean the forest near Kazár.

Every summer, each day we set up handcraft programs for children. These programs are free of charge and the little ones like them very much. We also made projects to improve our activity, that is how we could buy 5 pieces of Bringóhintós.

Youth work and voluntary work are very important for us that is why we joined to our Finish friends when they were planning the recycling roadshow. Whit this program 10 of our members could go to Finland for 10 days. It was a kind of study tour how to recycling things especially the plastic bottles.

We also take part in European Union projects since we have been the member of the union since 2004.

We took part in Hungarian Slovakian cross border cooperation.

Work: Crafts, leisure occupations for children (age 7-14), outdoor activities. We will listen the ideas of the workers what to make with the children we will also create some ideas. The first day will be the introducing and planning day. Every day we will discuss about the daily programme. The working time will be from 8 am till 3. pm.

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