Echanges – La Maison des Bateleurs

Echanges – La Maison des Bateleurs

The main goals of the project are to meet and get to know one another, to create a constructive group dynamic, as well as to break stereotypes and prejudices by working together and living collectively. We believe in the idea of “education populaire”, which holds that everyone can teach and learn each other without the ways of formal educational. The whole project in La Maison des Bateleurs corresponds to above goals.

Collective work:

All work corresponds with the aim of La Maison des Bateleurs. Every resident is involved in collective work every weekday: cooking, landscaping, gardening, taking care of chickens, cleaning, doing maintenance and renovation, developing local activities etc. We decide as much as possible together what we have to do and also we manage the collective life together and solve problems (if needed) together during the home meetings.

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