EC-CHI- 07- 2017 Workcamp in Ecuador

EC-CHI- 07- 2017 Workcamp in Ecuador

Work: The activities organized for the Workcamp in the Proyecto Chiriboga and in Atacames will be; – To clean the pads with machetes – To clean trees – To milk the cows – To make cheese – Other tasks in the Reserve – Construction work – Planting in the garden and all the task needs at the moment in the reserve.

Accomodation and food: Accommodation- In the first part of the workcamp, accommodation and food in Quito and in Proyecto Chiriboga, is provided at the “houses” of the Foundation Proyecto Ecológico Chiriboga, sharing rooms and toilettes with other volunteers. During the second part of the placement, accommodation and food will be provided with middle class families of the town.

Project hosted by: The Foundation Proyecto Ecológico Chiriboga started its work in a place located 50 kms. In the southwest of Quito, in the Chiriboga region, due to there is flora and fauna in danger extinction, where we made reforestation work and protection of the nature, the Foundation protects a Reserve. A wonderful variety of birds, mammals like the spectacled bear, cuchuchos, small jaguars, deer, cervicabras, peccaries pigs live in freedom within the premises of Chiriboga Project. The mountains in this part of the Andes produce freshwater; the rivers originating in these mountains are the Esmeraldas River basin.

Meeting point: The volunteers must arrive on July 2nd 2017 in the whole day no later than 19:00pm to have a welcome dinner., in the foundation house, the address is above.

Additional comments: What to bring for the first part of the Workcamp You don’t need to spend lots of money on special safari type clothing, it is enough to bring clothes which you don’t mind to spoil or to get damaged, it is preferable to wear long pants, t-shirts with long sleeves while working to get protected from mosquitoes bites; light clothes are wonderful to dry. At departure, you are welcome to donate your used clothes to the program of course if they still are in good conditions. Entertainment is up to you. In the afternoons there is time for reading, playing cards, listening to music if you wish to do something like this, bring it with you (along with batteries). You should also bring your own bilingual dictionary. Feel free to bring your own spices, and cook book. Life at is very simple in the cloudy forest. Rubber Boots, can be purchased in Quito, the rainforest could get very muddy and for the protection of the machetes.Insect repellent Rain coat Work gloves Light clothes and heavy clothes since weather is very variable and unpredictable. Torch, at the end of the project we usually ask if the volunteers would be kind enough to donate them to the project. Medicines – some basic medicine should be brought for problems like headaches, coughs, stomach-aches etc., if you can donate medicines people from the projects will appreciate this donation. Sandals and walking shoes Sun block lotion. Batteries for your torch if you need. Environmentally friendly soap. Baseball cap or hat. Books to read Towels, bathing suit, wash clothes and all necessary personal hygiene items.


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