Connecting Routes

Connecting Routes

“Connecting Routes” aims to increase youth entrepreneurship for young people facing fewer
opportunities, with a special focus on social entrepreneurship.
The project comes from our experience with working with community building and social
We want to bring our perspective through 2 main fronts: young people with fewer opportunities and
youth workers.
For the young people we want them to experience together our methodology for becoming a social
entrepreneur, so that they can give back to their communities.
We want to expand the quality of the interventions of youth workers by focusing on what we
consider 3 fundamental areas: communication, assertiveness and awareness.

How and when?

  1. APV – April 2017 in Hungary
    It will be there to prepare to set a common working ground for the project and prepare the Youth
  2. Youth Exchange on entrepreneurship for young people with fewer opportunities – July 2017 in

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