Concordia Auvergne

Concordia Auvergne

The aim of this project is to promote volunteering in Auvergne region. The main role of the volunteer will be to emphasize the international aspect of Concordia Auvergne’s activities. Thanks to her/his presence, we want to promote youth participation, volunteering, develop European project in the frame of the Erasmus+ program and continue to set up international workcamps in the region.

In particular, the activities will be:
-To promote Concordia Auvergne’s activities in various events: forum, festival…
-To contribute to European projects:
-Promoting voluntary service (EVS, “service civique”) with new tools, to be defined;
-To support Concordia’s staff to set up a youth exchanges and a European training with local partners.
-In the frame of the workcamps season (generally from june to september):
-To assist Concordia’s staff during the workcamp season and before, for its preparation. Practical support is needed for various tasks: preparation of material for workcamps (tents, tools…), link with the local communities which hosts the workcamps…
-To co-lead an international workcamp (2 or 3 weeks) after having participated to a specific training.

The detailed activities will be defined both by the volunteer and Concordia’s staff, according to the volunteer’s skills and interests.

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