CIEEJ1708 MSSP English Summer School for Children

CIEEJ1708 MSSP English Summer School for Children

Work: [First week 9:00 to 16:00] Based on experience, skills and motivation, each volunteer is assigned to a class (between 6 to 15 years old) as a teacher assistant. Together with Meisei students, international volunteer create syllabi and prepare teaching materials for summer sessions. There are many team meetings and mock sessions too. On weekend, there is an open-campus event for high school students and their parents, volunteers may give some assistance (to promote MSSP) there. [Second week 8:30 to 15:30] In MSSP, there are about 100 children who live in Hachioji-city. They are divided into 10 different classes depending on their ages and language preference (there are mostly English but a few Chinese classes too). At some point in August, volunteers join an event to teach English while playing sports (baseball or basketball) with Meisei students. It is a new and practical way of learning ESL because it is very different from learning from a book. There are some other international volunteers from Europe (who apply directly to school) doing same activities with CIEE volunteers. They will stay together on the same accommodation.

Accommodation and food: A guest house called “Geihinkan” located within a walking distance from Meisei campus. There are rules and curfews you are expected to follow. Facilities: Either wood-flooring or TATAMI room, Shared with other volunteers. Bedding will be provided. There are a washer, a kitchen, a bathroom and a lavatory. Internet access is available in the school facility. Meals: Breakfast and dinner are self-catering. Cooking materials will be provided by the University. You may be asked to go to a store to get grocery done. Volunteers take turns in groceries. Vouchers which you can use at University cafeteria will be provided for lunch. Two teams are formed for special purposes. The roles will be given to you in turn. Meisei participants also join each team. ① Cooking Team: Cooking Team is assigned to buy glossaries and prepare breakfast and dinner. The budget is about 1000 yen per person per day. Your country’s traditional meal is preferred for the sake of cultural exchange. Let’s have nice meals. ② Cleaning Team: Cleaning Team is assigned to keep Geihinkan clean.

Location and leisure: Hino city is located in the western part of Tokyo. It will take less than one hour to get to the central Tokyo. Meisei University is surrounded with woods in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere making you feel like taking a deep breath. You can hear cicadas singing. You can feel the mother of nature. In addition to the great nature, Hino has shrines and temples. You can enjoy there too. Volunteer are recommended to prepare at least 5,000 JPY (40€) for leisure. An average allowance a volunteer prepares on their own are about 30,000 JPY because everything is expensive in Tokyo.

Project hosted by: MSSP stands for Meisei Summer School Project, which offers free English lessons to elementary and junior high school students (aged from 6 to 15) in the local community of Hachioji city. Meisei University students who are majoring in teaching license course run this project. Based on the theoretical assumption, students try to put a priority on activity-based teaching rather than the traditional cramming style teaching. A philosophy is that English teaching and learning are purely fun and their goal is to develop communication skill in English. CIEE Japan has started this IVS since 2005 and it has always been the most popular program which all positions become full soon after the application starts. We carefully select candidates according to their motivations and experiences. If you are thinking about joining, apply soon!

Meeting point: July 29, between 10:00-20:00 at Meisei University. There are mainly two transportations 1. Narita International airport – Shuttle bus – Meisei University. 3,400 JPY 2. Narita International airport – local train – Meisei University 1,500-1,800 JPY

Additional comments: During your stay, the weather in Japan is expected to be like that of a tropical country because of its high humidity and heat. You may experience huge typhoon hits. The average temperature in summer is from 23 to 28 degrees Celsius or even higher. Please drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.


  1. Experiences in teaching English as a “second language” are very much appreciated. We recommend volunteers to be very flexible to team-work. Getting used to the unique Japanese culture is also a key to successfully complete the project.
  2. A motivation letter (more than 10 sentences long) is required. Please include your interest, motivation, experience and strength of yourself in English. WHAT TO BRING Bath-towel, facial towel, outfits that are suitable for MSSP project, Japanese cash (at least 20,000 JPY), educational materials (photos or some visual tools to introduce culture, tradition, custom, religion, society or education of your country), keep in mind that you prepare something to entertain and educate children and youths.


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