CBF02 – Bringing local heritage to life

CBF02 – Bringing local heritage to life

The project: It’s been many years now that the local authority of this territory is hosting an international workcamp every summer on one of its local village mainly to renovate some local heritage. This year the project will be organized in Saint Gilles Vieux Marché. The idea is to renovate a wash house and organize some events in the site, for example on Saturday July 22th, a Fest-Noz,which is a musical and traditional dance party will be organized. Local people are very much involved in the work and the hosting of the workcamp. They are waiting for you and ready to give you a warm welcome!

Works: You will have the chance to parcipate in the construcon of a new roof above an old wash house : carpentry and roofing. Some works will be done on scaffolding, so this project may not be suitable for people who are scared of heights.

Location: The village of Saint Gilles Vieux Marché is located in the heart of the Bretagne region which is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel. This region is known for its wonderful natural richness and its great cultural heritage!

Accommodation: in tents


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