Assisted by local technical leaders, on the primary school site of Hollogne, volunteer group will realize different manual tasks outside: the project will concern arrangements to improve the greater well-being of the children in play areas: construction of benches, stepped in “arena style”, footbridge of observation of a puddle. The tasks will run in a sustainable approach and will be exclusively wooden construction.

Accommodation & food

Accommodation can be compared to a boarding school: a corridor with double bedrooms; toilets and showers are at the same floor. No smoking inside. Self-catering. Bring your recipes to enjoy ‘kitchen life’!

Location & leisure

Marche-en-Famenne is a city in the countryside and it is also CBB town! You can find everything there: schools, supermarkets, industries… But still, it is surrounded by woods, fields and small villages where the life rhythm remains rural. Liège, Namur, Brussels and Luxembourg can be easily reached by train in about one hour. For more information see https://www.marche.be/

Project hosted by

The Marche-en-Famenne workcamp is the outcome of the collaboration between municipal authorities and a local non-profit organization. More than ten years ago, the mayor and deputies wanted to develop international contacts for the local youngsters. GRIMM association was just beginning to work on the protection of the local life framework and promoting models of sustainable development. Their members had a full load of ideas but were short of hands to realize them. Thus, they came to the idea of involving volunteers from all over the world. Since then, the municipality makes its buildings available every summer and welcomes foreign youngsters. GRIMM members organize the work. With the help from the volunteers, they are eventually able to realize the projects they dreamt about. Their actions are based on the following philosophy: Nature belongs to everyone. And if each of us may enjoy it, it has to be protected.

Additional comment

The working place is not the same than the accommodation place so volunteers will leave the town every day.


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