Bridging cultures – From mountains to desert

Bridging cultures – From mountains to desert

The New Dawn in the Negev invites two volunteers from Hungary for the 2021 activity year. We would love to interview and accept candidates who meet the following conditions:

  • Period – The activity will take place for 10 months, between June 2021 and July 2022.

Positions – The appropriate candidates will be engaged in both field and office work.

The educational work will take place as part of the „Safe Future” youth program held at the New Dawn with youth aged 15-17. The volunteers will create workshops in English to strengthen the participants’ knowledge and conversation skills and also deliver educational-experiential workshops.

Each volunteer will deliver 2 workshops and will serve as support to the other volunteer in his / her workshops. The workshops will take place in two rounds: winter and spring, for about 15 weeks. Each session will be 3 hours weekly. Workshop content can be in areas such as arts, environment, education, physical education, computer literacy and social networking, and more.

As an integral part of each workshop, participants will need to set up a small project (environmental activities in the field, exhibition, play to a wide audience, etc.). They will carry out this project immediately after the end of the workshop, in February and July.

As far as office work is concerned, the interns will help in a wide range of areas, from research work in the field of resource development, through assistance in sorting and organizing the various folders (physical and electronic), to logistical assistance in all kinds of daily tasks.
The project is part of the European Solidarity Corps.

We offer:
– Support and preparation from the Egyesek Youth Association in Hungary
– travel reimbursement, up to 360 EUR
– pocket money and food allowance
– accommodation in Rahat (the 2 Hungarian volunteers will share a flat)
– local travel

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