Beautify the city and preserve the local heritage

Beautify the city and preserve the local heritage

EVS volunteers will work together with two French volunteers, you’ll have to organise workshops about local heritage, set up public meetings, as well as many participative and democratic workshops to decide, with the local people, what kind of action have to be done to improve the life in the village.
You will also have the opportunity to share and discuss about the different European mobility tools, to support the preparation of workcamps and intercultural projects, to visit the location of the workcamps, to help camp leaders, to develop, in the frame of a personal project, new tools related to intercultural challenges and different ways of communicate the values of Concordia.

We hope this project will be a great intercultural experience and an opportunity to tackle the European identity. We hope that this project will allow all volunteers to develop a mutual understanding between cultures and we hope it will help to build transnational links and ease international mobility!

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