Back to Basics

Back to Basics

The exchange is focused on communication and cooperation. How well are you in working together with
others? Are you really as social as you think you are? And what about solving a problem together or coming
to an agreement? How do I take initiative and go for it? How do I make actions?



The exchange is mainly focussed for young persons aged between 15 and 21 and who don’t know what to do in life and which choice I need to make when it comes to study and work. If you want to learn
more about entrepreneurship and taking initiative, than this exchange might be something for you.


During the exchange we will use the method ‘learning by doing’. So it is mainly doing things and then look
back on what you did, why you did it and what you got out of it. This will be done in working together with
participants from other countries. During workshops we will explore what your opportunities and
possibilities are. During the workshops different working methods will be used, like photography, video,
simulation game, interviewing and theatre. Furthermore, several outdoor activities will be organised in a
way that you can put in practice your entrepreneurial communication skills.

In this exchange we will work a lot with outdoor activities. Some will last a few hours, some will last
half a day, and some will last a few days. In these activities we will focus a lot on taking initiative; finding a
solution for a problem; how to work in a group in order to overcome an obstacle; how to use everything
around you in order to help you solve your issue; cooperation.


Countries: Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Macedonia


We are looking for 1 group leader and 4 participants from Hungary.


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