AYA3 – Insomnia Festival

AYA3 – Insomnia Festival

Work: Helping in building up constructions for the festival. During the festival volunteers help with organisation of different workshops. After the festival i cleaning up the area.

Accommodation and food: In tents (provided), meals provided, good mobile connection during the days of the festival. Electricity to charge devices will be available only in the evening.

Location and leisure: Kaluga region. Meeting point in Moscow on the 13 of July (at 12:00). Then volunteers go by festival buses to the location. Free time activities: enjoying the nature swimming in the river, day trip to Ugra National park.

Project hosted by: Animation festival – Insomniai is the first Russian noncommercial open-air animation festival. Annually, in summer they find a meadow, build screens, meet guests and show best animation within a couple of nights.The ambitious goal is to show good animation to as many people as possible. The idea is that for right perception open-skies and darkness are necessary. Only such darkness could return us back to ourselves, unglue from illusions and rush of civilization.

Requirements: Bring your own sleeping bag, working clothes and your ideas for intercultural workshops.


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