ANEC5 – Madeleine’s mountains: renovation of a forest path

ANEC5 – Madeleine’s mountains: renovation of a forest path

Description of the partner organizing/hosting the project: Madaleine’s mountains are located in the north of the Central Massif, whose the highest picks’s elevation is 1164 meters. At the heart of the forest, the association “Le syndicat mixte des Monts de la Madeleine” enhances the forest paths to develop tourism, and to carry out some actions to protect the regional environment which is classified as “sensitive regional heritage”.

Description of work: You will take part to the touristic promotion of the forest path at the heart of the forest. Tasks consist in strimming, cleaning and rebuilding drystone walls (traditional construction) which delimit the path.

Accomodation and food: Accommodation is in tents (2 volunteers per tent) in a local camping or in a bed and breakfast. Volunteers will manage the tasks of daily life in teams (shopping, cooking, and cleaning). Description of location and leisure: It is a beautiful hilly area (around 1000m high) with wonderful views over volcanoes and mounts of Auvergne. Its lovely rural villages are made of stone and wood houses and have a very rich built heritage (bread oven, chapels, and castles). It is perfect for hikes, by foot or by bike, or for canoe in the rivers or swimming in the lakes, according to what the campleaders can propose you. Your campleaders will prepare games and activities but you will be invited to propose and create your own activities. Be creative !

Short remarks for the project: Nights can be cold, do not forget to bring a warm sleeping bag. Bring games, music, recipes or typical ingredients from your region or country to share with the rest of the group! For the working part, bring adapted clothes and security shoes. The rest of the equipment will be provided.

The nearest airport: CFE in Clermont-Ferrand, France
The nearest terminal (train-, bus-, taxi station): Vichy train station

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