All Aboard – Sailing Together for Sustainability

All Aboard – Sailing Together for Sustainability

All Aboard is a Youth Exchange (YE) for young people to find out what is entrepreneurship and environmental awareness is for them and make it happen in a sustainable manner.

These are the main topics we will approach:
– What is entrepreneurship?
– What is environmental awareness?
– Becoming more self-confident – taking initiative and risks
– How do I improve my communication?
– How can I become a better team player?
– How can I create plans for success?
– How can I make the planet a better place to live in?
– Giving back to the community?
– How to inspire others?


For this you will sail, work and live together, as a sustainable working community.
So that you can find different ways to go for yourself and what you want we will provide different activities and workshops with media, theater, outdoor, simulation games. With every activity you will have the chance to put in practice your entrepreneurial skills.


Profile of the participants

– 4 Young people between 16 and 25 years + 1 group leader (18+)
– Who are finding out what they want, who are divided between life choices, who have ideas but don’t know where to start from.
– Who are interested in protecting the environment and taking actions for it
– Willing to participate on a very intensive program: taking part on the program activities plus being part of the crew of the Vera Cruz
– Ready for a challenging experience of living on board of a Portuguese Caravel together with an international community of young people for 12 days
– Facing the following fewer opportunities: economic, social and geographical obstacles, and/or educational
– Coming from Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Portugal


Costs: 50 € contribution


Application deadline: 12 August 2018

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