6007 Tamek

6007 Tamek

Work: During this work camp, we will get a chance to join hands with the community members to preserve nature, while we can learn about their way of living. Moreover, we will be creating activities and games with children and young people to open their views and let them learn about international culture together with the volunteers. We will need your creativity and ideas of games and activities that will create a multi-cultural atmosphere for them.

  • To support the community
  • To be wisely aware of using natural resources
  • To give ideas or knowledge from home to inspire youths in preserving their nature
  • To learn to be part of the community
  • To let children be familiar with volunteers and learn in international/multi-cultural atmosphere
  • Kids at least can interact with volunteers in English

Accommodation and food: Volunteers will stay in a wooden hut lifted from ground (see picture below). It can accommodate 20 people where it is used to be everything from evening meeting to sleeping place. There are 3 bathrooms close by with availability of electricity and water supply (pipe water from the mountain). Volunteers can hang mosquito net up to the ceiling and look for their own cozy corners.Volunteers cook by themselves. They can take turn in daily tasks. The ingredients can be purchased at local grocery stores or markets. However, there might not be a big variety of selection.

Location and leisure: You are given 1 or 2 free day(s) during these 2 weeks and plenty of free time in the evening. During the evening time, it can be also spent on daily meeting, or building group dynamic by playing various games and having discussion. However, the group members should discuss where and how to spend the camp holiday together.

Project hosted by: Tamek(ตะเหมก) is a mountainous Buddhist village of about 500 homes with beautiful steep-like landscape and clear water streams beneath a canopy of tall trees. Villagers’ houses can be seen a bit distantly from each other alongside the streams. The main occupation of villagers is farming (rubber plantation, fruits and vegetables). The community is part of Lamor sub-district of Nayong district in Trang province, Southern Thailand, around 12 kilometers away from the main road. It’s an old village founded for more than 200 yearsin Bantad Mountain range (เทือกเขาบรรทัด). However, the government declared the land as a national park for about 30 years, like many other places in Thailand. Villagers of Tamek have continuously fought to officially acquire a land deed for the right to make a living on their generation-to-generation properties. On a side, they cut forest illegally, to plant rubber plantation for earning money but on the other side and recently, they have beenquite active to preserve their forested watershed. They realized the danger of not having what they thought could never disappear: the forest, water and wild animals. More important than a national park: living in harmony in the nature. They started a preservation forest learning center which has also for aim to gather locals and outsiders interested in their project. They know us (DaLaa)through another of our project in 2014 and we started to organize few international workcamps with them since 2015. Some were more about agriculture, some about water preservation (making small dams for water use) and some more about education for local kids.
Meeting point: The meeting point is fixed on Monday 10th of July, 2017 at 11 o’clock at Trang train station

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