The Difference Between

The Difference Between
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he Difference Between aims to bring an innovative approach for leading and facilitating groups in youth work.

As we see it, a lot of programs and activities are chosen according to a standard, “by-the book” protocol, and debriefings are led in such way that the facilitator is searching for the “right” questions or once again following a set of standard questions. What we want to offer instead is a dynamic alternative for leading groups and activities in way that focus mainly on the needs of young people who might be in front of you.
In short: we want to focus on how to create an empowering and inviting context when working with young people.

This approach is based on 4 key elements:
• Craftsmanship – the capacity to design programs according to group needs and stage of development
• Connection – empathetic behavior towards acknowledging group needs
• Communication – the holistic usage of body, voice and words to achieve desired impact
• Co-leadership – shared decision making through consensus

We will use methods to empower the participants capacity to facilitate and deliver activities in a more clear and impactful manner, with the support of tools and inputs coming from coaching, body awareness methods, theater, dance, program design.

Learning outcomes
This training is there for you to:
1. Become more attuned to the learning needs of the context you are working in;
2. Improve and boost your practical skills for working with groups
3. Promote and multiply the exchange of your best practices with other youth professionals