Share the Authentic Training Course

Share the Authentic Training Course
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We will explore and experience different voice techniques and tools to work on voice awareness, its quality, and expression. We will discover how our voice functions and what vocal image we give to others. We will also dive into storytelling: how to give structure, play with rhythm and silence, involve the body with presence and gestures, use stories as a debriefing, or to introduce topics.

With this, we aim at refining the skills of public speaking, presenting, and performing. But it’s not just about technical aspects… We will also use these elements as a bridge towards what inspires our work: connecting to our Being and our Vision as trainers and facilitators.


Altradimora is an open house project and a training center, for those who work for change in human relationships. It was founded in 2008 by Monica Lanfranco, a journalist, writer, trainer, and educator on sexual difference, equality, and conflicts. It is a place for trainings, events, study meetings, seminars, with the aim of recovering a spirit of sharing and self-management and looking at important issues with a feminist and nonviolent perspective.

Since 2009 various topics have been tackled in the residential workshops, including solidarity economy, the history of women, conflict management, nonviolence, the relationship between mothers and daughters, sexuality, yoga, vegetarian cuisine, globalization.