Seeds of Solidarity 2.0

Seeds of Solidarity 2.0
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Seeds of Solidarity 2.0 is a 10 months long-term ESC volunteering project

Where you will be working with 9 fellow international volunteers in a rural area of Nógrád county, in the north of Hungary. During the project, you will be working in different locations, such as local schools, youth centres, an elderly home, and a kid’s centre. You will deliver English-speaking, non-formal education sessions for children and youth with fewer opportunities.

Learn more and apply, if you would like to:

Have a chance to contribute to the life and development of a community in an international environment.
Create equal opportunities for children and youth to increase the quality of their lives.
Gain experience in youth work (outreach and fieldwork with children and youths).
Develop many skills and competencies (e.g. teamwork, creativity, organizational skills, and responsibility).
Learn about the life, cultures, and values of other nationalities.
Add a volunteering experience in your CV (YouthPass) and references for your future job.

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