Practicing Coaching – skills for facilitators of social change

Practicing Coaching – skills for facilitators of social change

Reference number: 4137.2.IA.2014.PC30

Donor: Council of Europe / European Youth Foundation


„Practicing Coaching – skills for facilitators of social change” was a 7-day workshop in October 2014 in Hollóko, Hungary, organised and hosted by Egyesek. Participants are 25 youth workers, peer leaders, facilitators, mentors and coaches, NGO staff and volunteers from 12 countries, supported by an international team of 5 youth leaders and 3 experts with different backgrounds. Themes were coaching techniques for local youth groups in order to improve leadership skills and social inclusion, and the improvement of communication skills of young, peer coaches, working with individuals .
Trainers were: Afonso Bertolo – Portugal, Panagiotis Mamouzakis – Greece, Sonja Roche – Serbia

The purpose of the training is to provide an opportunity for you to learn how to work out of your own qualities and how to improve and implement your already existing knowledge. You will be able to identify your own style of coaching, develop it and promote it. The training deals with one main question: “How to take the step from being able to and knowing, to wanting, daring and doing?” More precisely, the training is done in such a way that there is step-by-step learning and enough practice for you to assimilate both input and techniques, so that you feel comfortable to use them without the fear of making mistakes. The desired outcome is, in short, that you become able to use the techniques as if they are your own tools and from that point on using them in an intuitive and creative manner.