Peace Action Week – Make Change Happen

Peace Action Week – Make Change Happen
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About the Project:

Massive migration flows triggered a severe and multifaceted crisis in Europe. Indeed, different European countries are showing opposite reactions and approaches to the issue which has not really found a convincing solution after the recent agreement with Turkey on 20th March 2016. On the one hand the dramatic situation of the asylum seekers and migrants moved the heart of many Europeans – among them, normal citizens, associations and volunteers showed greater sensitivity than their own governments. On the other hand, a parallel flow of diffidence, hatred, and hate speech grew and displayed how easily racism and xenophobia can grow at every level of society. As a matter of fact, this is the evidence that, even in Europe, human rights’ awareness and defense, together with intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding, are crucial and urgent priorities. Within this framework, Greece is in the front line, with more than half million people transiting the country in 2015.

Aim and objectives:

Our project aims not only at building peace and fostering migrants’ integration by increasing intercultural sensitivity, but also at improving active participation and commitment among youth. More specifically,

  • To promote a constructive debate where participants will have the opportunity to share their views freely thanks to a peer to peer approach;
  • To bring the participants to an active reflection on the topic through non formal education activities and experiential learning;
  • To promote mutual understanding among the participants by encouraging them to approach intercultural dialogue with tolerance and open-minded attitude;
  • To expand participants’ knowledge about human rights;
  • To put the participants in contact not only with actors who are working with refugees and migrants, but also with refugees and migrants themselves;
  • To empower the participants – and through them other actors in their communities of origin – by strengthening their skills, in particular the ones needed to organize effective raising awareness actions, projects and events at local, national and international level;
  • To encourage participants to take action in their own countries.

Main steps we will follow for the Peace Action Week: Preparation, Training, Awareness raising actions, Communication