KEKSz Program

KEKSz Program

KEKSZ stands for the key words of our programme: Creativity – Action – Community building – Service. The programme called Keksz takes place in the Karinthy Frigyes High School and our participants are Karinthy School students. In this programme students can join and organise volunteer projects or activities, which serve the local community or answer the needs of a special target group. For example visiting the dog rescue and walk with the dogs – Spending one day with the orphan children – arts and crafts activities in a children’s hospital – During the programme students can do social activities, meet each other, develop their own projects, for which they get support and coaching from a professional coordinator and 2 EVS volunteers. This way student learn and practice project management, planning, organising and teamwork, and have the opportunity to develop their competences in areas that are not part of the everyday school curriculum.

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