Global Coaching TC1

Global Coaching TC1
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Global Coaching TC1 is a unique training course providing basic coaching tools and a framework for mentoring young people through volunteering.

The program is for youth workers, mentors and people working with groups.

Our basic approach is that as a professional working with other human beings, we shall constantly reflect on ourselves and on our working methodologies. Therefore this training provides basic self-reflecting tools and especially tools to develop an attitude where coaching is used as an approach in work with young people.


What can you get out of it?

  • Apply coaching and mentoring input, methods, techniques and tools in your work
  • Apply the tools given in the work with young people
  • Identify which areas you need to improve or develop
  • Identify your core skills and strong points for coaching
  • Select which coaching tools fit your style
  • Set your learning goals and outcomes for coaching and mentoring
  • Improve your capacity for self-reflection


Participants’ profile

The Training is targeted for people who have experience in working with people. Our previous practice showed that this training is most effective for those people who work with individuals or groups, as volunteers or as professionals (e.g. mentors, youth workers, teachers, educators, coordinators, etc.).


Eligible countries: Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, Sweden


Application deadline: 11 January 2019