Fusion for Innovation

Fusion for Innovation

Reference number: GR-LP-2013-175

Donor: Tempus Public Foundation / Grundtvig


Fusion for Innovation creates a multicultural, multi-generational and multi-expertise platform for innovation among NGOs from 6 countries: Romania, Hungary, Netherlands, Croatia, Latvia and France, all engaged in non-formal learning for adults, experienced in working with specific methods and diverse target groups.
Aims are to create innovation at the organizational, learners’ and experts’ levels through development of key competences, sharing and diversifying methods and approaches used by the partners, creating a laboratory of innovation, fusion and advanced cooperation. Methods developed by partners through many years of adult education work are fusioned: they are shared, tested, improved, integrated with other methods in a partner country, and supported by the experts of the host and the learners of the whole partnership. This creates a brand new context, in which innovation can take place.