Fusion for Creativity – basic dance training

Fusion for Creativity – basic dance training

Reference number: 2014-3-HU02-KA105-000485

Donor: Tempus Public Foundation / Erasmus+


The aim of the project is to improve initiative and entrepreneurship of young people and to support the generation to participate actively in society in a way that they become creators of their future communities, business and employment opportunities. In order that youth work and non-formal learning can have a significant impact in this field, the project improves professional competences of youth workers. We focus on 4 key competences: initiative and entrepreneurship, learning to learn, cultural awareness and expression, social and civic competences. We offer experience and practice in combining techniques and principles from contemporary dance, performance, individual and team coaching applied with youth. We focus on the skills of the youth worker that multiplies in their daily work and the skills improvement of youth, to support young individuals and groups to realize and maintain initiatives, from ideas to action and result.

  • The 2nd TC shares practicesand develops new tools and techniques to coach larger teams of young people in realising a community initiative.

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