Friends of Gravity

Friends of Gravity

Reference number: 533811-4.3-HU–2012-R2 / 2012-3789

Donor: EACEA


Themes are the promotion of social inclusion, active participation, cultural diversity, European citizenship and healthy lifestyles on the local, grass-root level. We focus on the development of the competence of creativity and entrepreneurship and the introduction of contemporary dance as a tool in these fields.


  • to improve professional competences, with special focus on creativity and entrepreneurship of youth workers active in the fields of social inclusion, cultural diversity, health, participation and citizenship.
  • to share best practice in integrating methods of contemporary dance and performances in youth work and non-formal education of these themes
  • to extend the variety of interactive and participatory methods used and by this improve the quality and efficiency of local youth work done by partners reaching disadvantaged and unorganised youth
  • to create a base for further international projects among grass-root initiatives.

Dissemination Platform