EGYM17-01 Go 4 it!

EGYM17-01 Go 4 it!
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Work: Egyesek and its youth workers, trainers, volunteers are working in Nógrád county which is one of the poorest regions in Hungary. There is no university in the county; unemployment rate is high; rare public transportation; youth, international projects, NGO activities are almost not known; very few opportunities of afternoon activities. Local youngsters after high school have two options: either they leave their home to access good quality education and/or job, or they stay and become unemployed. That’s why bringing international context to the life and activities of local communities we broader the view on opportunities of local youngsters, expand their horizons.

During the 80% of work time volunteers will be divided in groups and work in one or two of the locations they choose. 20% of their time they dedicate to the household and work around the house of the family they live in, which will help to integrate into the life of local community, to understand local traditions and culture.

The volunteers tasks in the youth centers in Endrefalva, Rimóc and Nagylóc would be to prepare and to conduct English speaking creative sessions for local roma and non-roma children. The afterschool youth centers are open in the villages in order to provide children with different kinds of leisure activities as well as help in doing home works, etc. Our organization is bringing international volunteers to the region since 2008. It helps to raise the awareness of youngsters, to broader their horizons and to show the opportunities of international programs.

The volunteers will also have Hungarian courses to get to know basic words and expressions in order to be able to communicate in public places.

In Creative Space, where our local partner is running a community building, they will help in cleaning and keeping eye on the surrounding, they will also join agricultural activities, such as planting seedlings and trees, doing gardening, building greenhouses.

Expected impact and achievements of the project:

  • By supporting the afternoon school clubs the leaders and social workers learn new methods, games, ways of thinking about education. They implement higher quality activities.
  • Students’ performances are better in the school especially in English also in subjects which need cooperation and communication.
  • Youngsters’ understanding and solidarity towards each other are rising. This project showed an example for them that different people are valuable and equal as them. Roma and non Roma opposition started to become less since the volunteers handled them equally.