EGY17-03 Make a pretty village

EGY17-03 Make a pretty village

Partner: The Rimóc Youth Association was founded eight years ago. The Association was founded by a group of local young people to spend their free time useful. The Association maintains its own youth community place since 2012 where youth spend their free time in the evenings. The Association is an active member of the village’s life, in many ways trying beautify, to make a likeable village.

Work: During the camp, participants perform multiple tasks beautifying the village to develop the quality for the VillageDay-related events. Some of the participants will shooting videos from the village, and make the cut material till the camp’s end. The following tasks will be implemented by the weather, and the function of time:

  • First task: a bicycle path, which connecting Rimóc and Hollókő (7km) should be cleaned to be capable of maintaining a bike tour.
  • The second task: the cemetery fence have to be repainted
  • Third task: to paint the walls of the local school with fairy tale characters.
  • Fourth task: there’s a firewall of the settlement (a shop’s wall) in a frequented place to make a spectacular mural, graffiti.