Compose your Competences

Compose your Competences

Reference number: 521180-3.1-HU-2011-R2 / 2011-3734

Donor: EACEA

Content: Compose your competences is an individual training, done in a group context, having a strong focus on the development of your personal skills and awareness. We will shortly deal with the „WHAT” in general, in order to have a common base in how we work with the questions of the TC. We put a lot more focus on the „WHO” and practise the „HOW” – we switch focus from general knowledge to YOUR unique composition of specific personal skills and values

Compose your Competences is a training course for youth workers, youth leaders, mentors, coaches, trainers, facilitators of non-formal learning processes:

  • active in the youth and/or community work sector, using methods of non-formal learning
  • wanting to improve their own personal and professional competences, refresh their approaches and exchange practices in order to become more effective in their work and life.
  • focusing on the increase of employability of their target groups
  • eager to learn, open to new, enjoy being a full-time participant.

EACEA – Disseminaton Platform