3+ | Inspire – Involve – Include

3+ | Inspire – Involve – Include

Reference number: NCTA-2008-C01089

Donors: Norway amd EEA Gratnts


The goal of this project is to have Hungarian youth NGOs working more effectively, more professionally than today – and being able to involve more young people in their activities. Through this we also aim to facilitate active citizenship among young people, as well as to improve their chances on the labour market through acquiring new skills and competences.

Our target groups in this project are:
  • employees and volunteers of youth NGOs;
  • young employees and volunteers of all NGOs;
  • and teachers, social and youth workers, peer educators, youth leaders active in non-governmental initiatives.
We plan to develop and deliver a series of trainings consisting of 3 modules that use the method of experiential learning . The series will be accredited as a whole and module by module as well. Participants will be able to choose to follow the whole series or just one or two modules. To support participants in implementing what they have learnt during the live-in training component, there will be a six-month practical placement at an NGO of the participant’s choice in each module. During the practical placement participants will be coached both individually and in small groups.
We based the topics of the modules on the most urgent needs of NGOs:
  • human resource management;
  • leadership skills;
  • PR / communication.
After delivering the whole series, we will have Egyesek Youth Association accredited as a training institution, thus ensuring the constant quality of our trainings.