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Creative Space Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd. is a social enterprise and our most important strategic partner. It provides the logistical and infrastructural background of our programmes and high quality project management support.

Creative Space is a community accommodation in Hollókő, Nógrád county which is created specifically for the reason to serv the learning needs of youth projects and workcamps. Our trainings and exchanges take place here.


Alliance of European Voluntary Organisation is the European network where Egyesek is the only Hungarian candidate member NGO. The network is a joint cooperation among organisations to develop local communities through high quality interntaional projects inside and outside Europe. Annually there are more than 13.000 volunteers participate in supporting local communities.


Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service is the global network where Egyesek is contributing in the Executing Committee. The network provides information, expertise and create space for member organisations which are mainly implementing international voluntary projects. It disseminates the results of the members’ work on global conferences, meetings and connect stakeholders to local organisations.

ANAMUH is a registered not-for-profit informal group of young people aimed at establishing and sustaining a space for communitarian dialogue through the use of Theatre and Arts.

We believe in Social Theatre techniques and the enormous potential for positive social transformation that they offer: “Forum Theatre”, “Theatre of the Oppressed”, “Theatre for Living”, based on the inclusive participatory pedagogy of Paulo Freire.

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Funding and grants Council of Europe EYF
Funding and grants Council of Europe EYF

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Norvég Civil Támogatási Alap
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