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During the last 10 years the work of our NGO has been focused on Nógrád county where we are involved in a number of activities: running a youth center in the village of Nagylóc, providing English lessons, carrying out training sessions.

It’s a small village with a population of 2,000 people. We love it and we are lucky to be living not far from Hollókő Castle (which is a UNESCO Heritage site and a beautiful place), but, unfortunately, there are not so many opportunities for young people. So they tend to spend all their time in a closed community and don’t have a chance for self-development.

As a result, youth is at risk of become a marginalized, isolated group of society, which is rather a user than a producer of social goods.

However, we know that by creating our new Youth Centre we will improve the lives of many young people. We believe that a Youth Centre will become a platform for the whole community to fulfill their dreams, hopes and aspirations. We strongly believe that by investing into the all-around development of our children we are investing of the future of the local community and society.

During the last 3 years:

  • we carried out more than 800 hours of non-formal educational afterschool activities for youngsters,
  • around 100 English lessons for teenagers,
  • around 100 children from the village attended our sessions,
  • we have planted 1000 strawberries together with children in their gardens,
  • 22 international volunteers were involved into our activities in the Youth Center.

We have already achieved a lot, but we know we can achieve more with your help! We appreciate any donation either through web-site (even if it’s a price of 1 cup of coffee) or in person. We would be happy to accept any materials for work with children as well (pencils, papers, markers, furniture, etc.)

Our future plans:

  • Regular after school sessions with children supported by international volunteers
  • English lessons for local youngsters and adults as well
  • Training sessions
  • Community garden
  • Creation of playground

Our mission is that the children we work with become the best version of themselves. We give all our time and love to them.

There are different ways to help:

  1. Donation of 20000 Euros – Your statue in full height in the Youth Center and the Youth Center will be named after you (or as you wish)
  2. Donation of 1000 Euros – Your name/company name will be engraved on the wall and mentioned in all marketing materials
  3. Donation of 500 Euros – A night in a wooden house in Hollókő village, which is UNESCO World Heritage site
  4. Donation of 100 Euros – Email report with pictures and videos about the Youth Center creation
  5. Donation of 50 Euros – You will receive a card drawn by children for you
  6. Donation of 10 Euros – Each year you will receive an awesome Christmas card
  7. Donation of 5 Euros – Personal thanks on Egyesek web-page

All the money collected will be reported on this page.

List of donations (in Hungarian forints):

Viktória Csákány 6500
Lierman Liebrecht 6680
Jisoo Jeon 20000
Dulasz Konsztantinosz 5000
Dora Korany 1000
Tamman Hiie 1600
Célia Barrez 6200
Tihomir Georgiev 4500
Ayu Ramadhani 15400
Local donations from Nagylóc 4390
Private donation 7000
Local donations from Szécsény 9945
Guests of Galcsik fogadó 1630
Private donation
Maria Kalashnik