Egyesek is accredited EVS organization since 2006. We are sending, hosting and coordinating EVS projects within and outside Europe. Our hosting EVS projects has been constantly improving since 10 years which gives us the comfidence to encourage you to join to Egyesek team and comtibute to our activities. In exchange we will ensure you high quality learning process in grass-root and outreach youth work, community development, training and workcamp implementation.

Check out our on-going EVS host project and apply immediately!

Application is open throughout the whole year keeping in mind the usual life-cycle of  an EVS hosting project in Egyesek:

20 January Selection and confirmation of the volunteers
1 February Application is submitted
15 April Application results, we contact volunteers to start the preparation (if approved)
1 November
  • Preparation with the sending organisations
  • Second round applications for volunteers in case vacant places
1-5 December APV – preparation visit in Hungary for volunteers and Egyesek EVS team
1 February Activity starts
30 November Activity ends
15 December Final reports and reimbursements


If you want to apply to our upcoming EVS project contact Mariia Kalashnik at e-mail address.

What will you do exactly as an EVS volunteer in Egyesek?


See You Soon!